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After 15+ years in the industry, I decided to braid in all my business, purposed skills, experiences, accolades and service affiliates into one direction. Advertising Consultant Network Agency! Now, I share  my divine passion by creating wealth strategies for brands to prosper. Our ramp up process is designed to empower and support campaigns that is ready for commercial platforming.

Overall History:

-Executive PublisHER for 2 nationwide magazines and 4 local publications.

-Executive Producer & Editor for 2 TV shows, radio & cast Publicist. 

-Press team/ event tour director for A-list Celebrities.

-Brand Mentor, Counselor  & Influencer

-Investor Affiliate to Commercial Network Co.

Need a trusted source to execute strategy?

Target business counseling is key—that’s why when it comes to a client account needs, we’re selective. Each client comes out with valuable resources that they can apply to see brand manifestations in the very 1st session guarantee!

1st 15 min briefing is FREE!!!

Consultations start at $75 an hour

(max 2 hrs. per session) contact at

Digital service packages includes:

-Develop custom brand packaging 

for TV, Radio & Print campaigns.

-Specializing in content layout for 

commercial advertising/ placement.

-Press Release media kits, profile cards,

custom 1st pages or article page layout.

-Digital WebTv or Podcast branding content

Rostered clients in various industries

consist of:  Ministries, Celebrities, Athletes, Artists, Actors/Actresses, Print Models, Hair & Beauty Professionals, Political & Physicians.

Servicing Houston. Los Angeles & New York:

All client's work circulate and publish on trusted networks!

**All packages start as low as $199** 

Custom advertising dollars counseling 

available for signed clients only!

Network Today!

Free 15 min. Virtual Consultation!


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#TheadvertiseHER approves and select premium clients per calendar quarter!

For professional brands only!

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